BIGA® Brix “Frequently asked questions”

Does BIGA® Brix fit LEGO®?

Yes, BIGA® fits LEGO® perfectly, and LEGO® fits BIGA® perfectly.

In which colors is BIGA® Brix available?

At the moment there are 11 standard colors. BIGA® Brix colors are similar to LEGO® colors. BIGA® Brix continues to grow and new colors will be manufactured regularly, based on actual themes.

Which types of BIGA® Brix bricks are available?

BIGA® Brix at the moment has 11 different types. New types will be introduced regularly.

What kind of material are BIGA® Brix bricks made of?

BIGA® Brix bricks are manufactured of high quality plastic. (ABS)

Are BIGA® Brix bricks bad for health?

No, the plastics BIGA® Brix uses do not contain toxic components.

Is BIGA® Brix appropriate for all ages?

BIGA® Brix is appropriate for 4 years and older.

Where can I buy BIGA® Brix?

You can buy BIGA® Brix in store or in the BIGA® Brix web shop.

Can I buy loose bricks of BIGA® Brix?

Yes, you’ll soon be able to buy loose BIGA® Brix bricks in the BIGA® Brix web shop.

I have another question.

Please email us or leave a message.

Where is BIGA® Brix produced?

BIGA® Brix is manufactured and packaged in Europe.